Just quickly…

•December 1, 2008 • 13 Comments

We are looking into limiting the downloads tonight. And I dont know how to do a torrent thingamajig. If someone can post a link to how to go about it, I will get one up and running. The only thing I dont like about that idea is that I would prefer people to download from the site, as I want to see what people like best, you know? There will be a most popular download thingy on the site.

Gotta run….at 3pm New York time, we are about 60% uploaded…so I expect the site wont go live until Wednesday morning. Maybe Tuesday night….but probably Wednesday! Back to Artists profiles…


Site is uploading….

•December 1, 2008 • 6 Comments

…its going to take a while. It started at the top – Def Wish 01, 180meg, 10 minutes to upload. Have a guess how long it will take for another, oh, 80 or 90 files that size? 15 hours at least. And some of the files are nearer 600meg.

Obviously, the site is not available to look at while this is happening. I would also ask two small favors please.

1. This is the first time Bexxie has worked on a site of this size, and also the first time we have uploaded a site that people were actually waiting for. So PLEASE, if it comes online and looks all fucked up, its because we have made a mistake somewhere. We will notice that its fucked up, and be working on it. So don’t panic, just wait.

2. There is going to be a lot of stuff to download. Please don’t go on and take everything you can immediately. I would like to get the site up and running BEFORE the hosts get annoyed and shut it down for too many downloads lol. Once the initial uploading has finished, I will be adding more and more to the site. So, relying on the site functioning properly once it is live, files will be going up one at a time, all day, every day, for the next week or so.
There’s no rush. I understand the temptation to grab a whole collection, but I have no intention of taking the files down, so there’s no need to get everything today, if you see what I mean. Chances are, it wont matter anyway as we have “unlimited” bandwidth / download capabilities. We all know how “unlimited” hosts can change to “you are doing too much downloading – we only meant unlimited in a limited sort of way” ha ha!

As Bexxie and I are new to this, we would appreciate as little trouble as possible while either uploading or with the hosts.
Oh, one other thing. Once you start downloading stuff, and if a file is misnamed, has the wrong track / artwork or something of that nature, please email me at:-


I probably wont have time to email you bak, but I will add it to the list of things to sort out and get it done asap!

Nice one…see you on the other side….

Another Quick Update….

•November 25, 2008 • 9 Comments

Okay, the old kniteforcerevolution site will be down in the next few days – probably over thanksgiving (thursday coming) at which point we will be putting the new site up.
As it stands, we have most of what we wanted, but the sections are a little empty. The site should load up with the entire KF catalogue ready to be downloaded, as well as a few of the other labels. Podcasts are in place. There will be a new blog post on the front page of the new site (the blog is integrated) to let you know whats going on. There will also be a post on this blog to let you know the site is up lol….The artists profiles are being overhauled and extended (I have been working on that all day). A forum may go up in the future, but not now. The History has been rewritten, lol…its much better now.
So, the site should be up by, or on, next weekend. Perhaps earlier if we can iron out the remaining quirks and wierds that websites love to do for no apparent reason.
The bottom line is, I am going to have to upload a lot of the content once the site is up because of the sheer volume of stuff to go up! I will make the site available as soon as humanly possible.
Also, I will be adding to this post, maybe tomorrow. I have received all the mixes for KFA46 now, and will put up a clip of the 4 absolutely amazing remixes. Best. KFA. Ever!
I have lots to say about that, so will do so tomorrow.
This wordpress blog will remain up even as the KFrevolution site goes down, and the new one comes up, as its a seprate entity. So if it all goes to hell, I will be moaning about it here. Gotta run, so much still to do :o(

Quick Update….

•November 17, 2008 • 8 Comments

Bexxie and I have been working flat out on the new website ovr the last few days and the weekend. We ran into a few difficulties, but its all looking good. In fact, it could have gone online today, but we decided it would be better to wait and get as much content ready as possible. To give you an idea of the scale, we have 29 gig of music and artwork files to be uploaded. And, that doesn’t include KFA or tracks on other labels or new promo / dubs lol. So, please bear with us just a little longer.

We have the podcasts ready, and the site is looking very clean. We decided on a relatively simple and modern design. Because there is so much content, I didn’t want the site to be cluttered, and felt that easy navigation and simple download procedures would be better than clever graphics etc etc. Thats not to say the site is boring or anything – personally, I love the new look and think its fantastic – its just deceptively simple at first glance.

Today I am writing a new chapter for the history of the label, and also getting the monthly free downloads together. This will link with the podcasts in some ways. So when you get a podcast, you are likely to hear new tunes from KFA and some of these tracks will be downloadable from the site. The “November” downloads will be 6 or 7 new tracks, some from Supaset 8, others from Podcast 2, plus more. Each month, a new podcast, and each month, new freebies. Good eh?

So, the bottom line is that we are going to continue work on the site this week and weekend, and hope to make it live over the weekend or early next week. I really don’t know the procedure when a site goes live, but with all that has to be uploaded, please be patient. It might not all be up at the same time, although we are obviously going to try ad make it be so. Some things aren’t ready yet – like the artist profiles. These will go up in the near future, but important as they are, they are not priority right now. Other things we cant really test 100% until the site is live – the podcasts look perfect right now, but we wont be certain the rss feed etc etc are fine until the site is up and running. Bexxie and I are new to web design, you know :o)

And, of course, the site will be expanding as we add new things to it. For now, we are concentrating on the music, reasoning that without the music, it wont be much fun, ha ha!

Also going live with the site will be clips of KFA46 which is almost ready to go to press.

Thats it for now! Outtahere…

Long rambling post about stuff in no particular order!

•November 7, 2008 • 10 Comments

Lets jump right in…I saw a comment expressing the worry that Obama might turn into Tony Blair. I have had that worry too – I distinctly remember being quite happy that Blair won the UK election, then watched in horror as, over the years, he began to believe he was always right about all things. And that didn’t go so well – the UK got screwed. However, while I fear that may happen with Obama, its better than what would have happened with McCain, and worse, Sarah Palin. Its a chance for a better future. Who knows how it will work out? But I prefer the chance of change, than the certainty of stagnation. Either way, I am happy for now :o)

Okay…music stuff. I have had the remix of My Angel from Wonter, and it is easily the equal of the UFO remix. Wonter’s is Hardcore Breaks or whatever its called nowadays, while UFOs is modern and banging, but both are superb. Wizbit had some issues with the remix, and I am unsure what I will do with it – Its not a bad remix by any means, but it is real similar to the original. Of course, he had the hardest job, as I asked him to do a D’n’B styled version. I shouldn’t have limited him that way, I think, because I never usually do that with artists, and its very hard to do a D’n’B remix of a tune that was already D’n’B in style. So I am going to attempt a Psycangle remix of it, and see how that goes. Then I will decide what goes on the vinyl, and what will be free to download. I cant wait for the release of this 12″. I hope to send it off to be cut at the end of next week, and hope the release will be ready before Christmas – there’s no reason why not. But we will see!
There are some other great tracks and remixes I have here, and will probably make them available to download free either with the launch of the new site, or as links from the podcasts. Which to talk about next – Podcasts or New Site? err…..

Podcasts then. I am going to release Supaset 8 as the first Podcast. That will be available within 2 weeks, regardless of the new site being up or not – although I expect to have the new site ready by the end of next week. I will be releasing the second Podcast within days of the first, because I have most of it done. It contains the first part of the interview with Hixxy, as well as new releases from Nu Energy and Next Generation (Hams new track is particularly amazing) and a brand new track from me called “Weird”. I have to eq that later, then get Bexxie to master it, so I can add it to the finished mix. Its been fun to prepare the podcast because I can let loose and just play everything I like. Plus I can layer strange samples and tracks together. So far, the mix is crazier than a Supaset and covers every style in a gigantic mish-mash. I think people will dig it. I hope so, anyway.
The new site is almost ready. I can only apologise for the long delay in getting it running – there are lots of reasons for it, but they are all boring and I cant be arsed to tell you and anyway, it doesnt really matter. The bottom line is it should be here in the next 14 days. At first it will seem a little empty content wise, but I am going to dedicate at least an hour each day purely to adding content. I will be uploading KFA and Kniteforce catalogues first, followed by Remix Records, Malice, and the other labels as time goes by. I will also add a Supaset & Dubs section, so people will be able to get hold of those things. It should be good.

I havent started work on Supaset 9 yet, but plan to do so in the next few weeks. I have a great idea for it, so it should be a good laugh…

I am still settling in to living in the USA. I have been gradually preparing for the move all this year, so it hasn’t been a massive shock to my system. i have been training Kung Fu real hard the last 6 months (that is to say, much harder than I have been for the last 12 years lol), and have almost a full gym here, as well as a heavy free standing punchbag and plenty of space to train. I made that a priority because its going to be tough for me to live in a new country at first, and training keeps my head straight. It also gives me energy and focus, which should keep my productivity high. And the studio has been added to – I will get some photos for you once the new site is up. Also, I have footage of the last 6 or 7 gigs I played, Spain, Canada, Bangface UK, LA…and some awesome footage of Bexxie playing. So i am going to put that together. I guess I will need to set up a Youtube account so i can post video a little more often…

I think thats all I have to say right now. I am anxious to get my new track eqed, so I better get on with that. Oh, I will soon set up an email address to accept demos for Podcasting. I have had a few interesting ones already, and I think it will be great to combine everything into the podcast mixes, from Hellfish to Hixxy, Beltram to Andy C, via new artists, demos and interviews. Plus, I will be able to say things like “Keep it locked” and “Exclusive” lol – which reminds me, I must make some cheesy jingles :o)

Outtahere for now…

O.B.A.M.A Wins! I might cry a little bit.

•November 5, 2008 • 10 Comments

Honestly, I am stuck for words. I have supported Obama for over a year, but never did I think he could win. All through the primaries, every speech, every movement of the polls…I followed it all avidly, never daring to really hope he could do it. Everything was against him. He was too smart, too reasonable, and of course too “black” to win. He’s neither false nor slimy nor from a privilledged background. He seems like a smart person. He’s not fourhundred years old and looks like a normal person (ever noticed most politicians look kinda…strange?). If that isnt a list to disqualify someone from public office, I dont know what is.
I simply cant believe it, it seems impossible. I am so elated and happy about it, I just cant think of anything to say that someone else couldn’t say a million times better. Both Bexxie and I watched the election last night in an anticipatory silence, neither daring to believe he would win it. The polls said he would. He won a few states that made it very likely. He won Ohio, and that sealed the deal number-wise, but still I couldn’t believe it. When CNN announced him as the winner, I thought “No! Don’t jinx it. Count every vote first”. When McCain gave his gracious defeat speech, I thought “Can McCain still win somehow?” lol. I am not sure I even believe it now. Just writing this feels like it might somehow make it all go wrong lol…SO thats all I have to say. Info on the new site etc will have to wait until tomorrow! Outta here….

SS8, Podcasts 1 & 2, New Tunes, New Site!

•October 29, 2008 • 19 Comments

Hey everyone!
How are you all? Sorry for the silence for the last few weeks. The reason is fairly simple, and slightly superstitious, ha ha. I am writing this from New Jersey, USA, because I finally got my Visa! Huzzah! Yes, after 8 months of dicking about with forms and getting certificates and interviews and medical tests, I am now living in the USA!
I didn’t want to say anything because it would have been awful to have talked about it then not got the visa :o)

Anyway. Here I am. I have started work on some new material. I am creating tracks for Supaset 9, as well as getting a few “normal” tunes together. By normal, I mean tracks which aren’t designed to be in a set.

I am also putting the finishing touches on Supset 8, which will be the first Podcast, and should be ready in the next week or so. I am waiting for the new website to be done. The new site will have the blog as part of it – so if you have a bookmark for this wordpress blog, you may need to check http://www.kniteforcerevolution.com instead…just giving you a heads up! As well as Supaset 8 as the first Podcast, I will also have the 2nd Podcast ready, to be released within a week or so of the first. I am doing it this way because I want to get into the swing of what the usual Podcast will be like. Obviously, people will want Supaset 8 with minimum talking over it, and of course I will oblige. Its not like I am going to rabbit on non stop over the podcasts anyway, but I will be talking. Also, I have some interviews with various people from the scene which I have already recorded, including a long chat with Hixxy, and Kev Nu Energy.
I want to make the podcasts like mini Supasets. I wont be making all the material for each as that would be more work than possible for one person lol…but I will keep the chaotic mish mash of styles. I may even take it a little further than I do on a usual Supaset. The plan is to make each one a polished and shiny example of what goes on inside my head. We will see if people dig it….

What else can I tell you about? The new site is coming along nicely. Well, it is, except that the computer with the site on is being repaired – nothing major, but it has delayed the launch of the new site by a week or so. As for content, I will be adding 5 back catalogue releases a day. And people will be able to leave comments and, eventually, rate each track. Even at 5 a day, it will take a while to get the full catalogue up. So in the meantime, I have made a deal with Juno to host the entire KFA catalogue, right up to KFA45. That should be up by the 10th of November…so those that cant wait will be able to buy the latest KFAs there.
I am sorry its taking so long to get all this stuff ready. Its a lot of work for sure, but it has been hindered by me being homeless. Now that I have a home, things should speed up :o)

As for KFA46, I am still waiting for the final mixdowns on the new vinyl – I will keep you updated. So I have no idea when this will be released, but as soon as I do, i will let you know!

Also, my dear friend Wonter has been busy making a video for Wings! Wanna see it? Have a click…

Cool huh? Its gonna be played on MTV, hence it being a little cheesy. And is that Wonter on the violin there? I think so…he’s a damn goon violinist, by the way. He will probably be embarrassed to have me say it, but as someone who’s full musical expertise is to push squares about on a screen, I cant help but admire anyone who can play a musical instrument well. Respect Mr Wonter sir!

I have sometimes considered learning to play a musical instrument. My sisters fiance is learning to play the banjo. He’s a big male model looking dude, which makes the idea of him playing the banjo even funnier. My sister sighs and rolls her eyes, ha ha! I think perhaps I should learn to play the glockenspiel or that really really small guitar – the ukulele…I could make hardcore tunes which feature me playing daft inappropriate stuff like that. Actually, by the time I learned to play anything, hardcore would probably be extinct. And abruptly, I end this blog. Just like that :o)