Yet another update…

So if you go to the site now, you will see the “Go Daddy” host page. Go Daddy provide the hosting for the site, so don’t worry, this is as it should be while the site is down.
There was nothing major wrong with the site, but we needed to change a whole bunch of files, and there are a number of little things that needed to be added and adjusted. So we have taken it down while we work on that. We wanted to get the site up asap and ended up rushing it a little bit – but I don’t want it up with a load of things still to be done (other than uploading) because it was stressing us both out to feel the site was structurally incomplete.
So we are tying up as many loose ends and things we are unhappy with. We still hope to get it up over the weekend or early next week.
Whoever left the comment about “at least 1 more week of delay” was spot on, lol…


~ by Luna-C on December 6, 2008.

One Response to “Yet another update…”

  1. Chris just take your time you are your own boss no ones expecting you and Bexxie to become website designers in a small space of time good luck sorting through the other changes that are needed.

    In all honesty if the site didnt go live till next year everyone would be fine with it as its a late christmas present from you that will get more use than any other gifts given to people this year.

    Also if you both need any help undoubtedly you can find someone who reads this blog who is willing and able to help you two out but good luck and try not to get too stressed out by the errors or bugs you encounter.

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