Site Update

After a bit of messing around, we got the site up and running.

We have now taken it down again because the site has loaded up but the links to artwork and downloads have changed. I have to go through the entire site correcting them. Its not a major problem, but it is a tedious job, so I am going to start it fresh in the morning, and sort it out all day tomorrow, so that by the end of the day it will be a functioning website!


The next post will be made on the front page of the new site tomorrow, around 10am – ish New York US time (thats 5 hours behind UK time, so 3pm) and I will keep you updated as the day goes by…


~ by Luna-C on December 5, 2008.

4 Responses to “Site Update”

  1. ooooooooooo me canna wait

  2. awesome chris!

  3. If a train left Moscow at 5:40pm EST, and the wind was blowing west at 80km/h… what time would it be in NZ? 😛

  4. 12:52 am est :P?

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