Site not up yet :o)

Despite one sneak preview by Nav (you must have been bored and spying mate!) we have run into a few issues getting the site online. We will try again tomorrow, but we only have the evenings at the moment! So bear with us, we are doing our best :o) this is all new to us, so we are learning as we go along.

We are very close though. As soon as we work out what’s stopping everything from working, we will fix it, ha ha!

Seriously, though, we just have a few bugs to sort out and we are too tired to do any more tonight!


~ by Luna-C on December 4, 2008.

9 Responses to “Site not up yet :o)”

  1. Cool! Can’t wait to see how it’s formatted! XD, I wasn’t bored or spying. I was just checking to see the progress, and whether I still got that “no database” or something screen and suddenly… DAMN, it’s there! 😀

  2. its up! its up! its up!!

    hahahahaa just joking. But me canna wait!

  3. Ha ha Nav, I know mate, I was just kidding!

  4. I was aware that you were kidding XD, I just felt like explaining myself.

    Still can’t wait! 😀

  5. *crosses fingers for it to go up today*

  6. Hate waiting but this is a better wait then xmas

  7. :O i just refreshed the site.. and i see the blog part but i don’t have permission to view any other pages LOL :D, very sexy chris n bexxie nice job

  8. same here kaytaro 403 errorz, its a good looking, clean, functional page. nothing like what i was expecting, luv the random pics.
    defo needz the kf clock!!!

  9. 403? 404! getting confused with my works product codes, damn this xmas rush.

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